Kannadotsava 2023

Hail Karnataka!

The 9 th of November 2023 will go down as a red and yellow letter day in the SJBHS calendar! The vibrancy of the red and yellow pennants fluttering gaily in the breeze; the catchy beats of the many drums; the razzmatazz of the music as well as the cultural extravaganza on display showcased the festivities of Kannadotsava 2023 as celebrated by the Management, staff, and students of the school.

The programme commenced with a procession of life size puppets, dancers, artistes, and performers escorting the Chief guest for the occasion, Fr Dionysius Vaz SJ, Provincial of the Karnataka Jesuits; Principal of SJBHS, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ; Vice Principal, Mr. Brian McKertish; Primary Administrator, Fr Vishal D’Souza SJ; and Vice President of the PTA, Mr. Aravind Gowda. The dignitaries were led into the auditorium.

The Provincial, in his address, stressed on the three-fold dimension of personality of a Josephite – Self-awareness, Social awareness and Culture. With special mention on the day’s festivities, Fr. Dion said that he was very proud of the institution for embracing unity amid all the diversity of Karnataka.

Fr Sunil, appending to the Provincial’s message, stressed on the all-inclusive attitude of Karnataka that has accepted all regions, religions, and languages into its fold. Thanking the dynamic Kannada department, he said that the staff had gone all out in their endeavor to bring the richness and diversity of Karnataka into the portals of the school!

The audience was treated to a spectacular medley of Kannada folk dances which included Bhootha Kola, Kangilu Kunitha, Nandi kolu, Kodava Olaga, Yakshagana and Jade Kolata – performed with matchless perfection, by the students from the different classes of SJBHS. The assortment of Kannada folk songs transported the onlookers to the different corners of the State!

The cultural extravaganza continued outdoors as professional dancers added their finesse to Kannadotsava 2023! The artistes displayed their prowess at Mallakamba; their elegance with Dollu Kunitha, Yakshagana, Pooje Kunithe; and their dexterity with Huli Vesha, Kamsale, Tamate and Gombe Kunitha.

The scintillating dances, the pulsating music and joyful environment went a long way in rejuvenating the staff and students; increasing the patriotic quotient; and enabling the city dwellers to get a glimpse into the magnificent diversity of glorious Karnataka.

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