Kairos – The Gratitude Session

Spreading Hope and Enlightenment

The Gratitude Session, conducted by Samagra, for the students of Class XII was an absolute pleasure to the soul. The session not only instilled a spirit of gratefulness in the students but also enriched their minds. The session was held in the last week of school (December 2023) and as the students were ready to step out of the confines of school life, it made absolute sense to remind them of the thankfulness that they must offer to those who had brought them to this stage in life.

The students were first divided into 4 groups and provided with candles, papers and pens following a brief introduction. The session began with a beautiful prayer to the Lord. The students were asked to draw a sketch of their hands and fill it with the most influential and important people in their lives. Following this the students lit their candles and set them afloat symbolizing the spreading of hope and enlightenment. The students then engaged in an enthralling activity during which they formed a circle, wrote a few positive and encouraging words for each other and exchanged the same. Now each student had a bunch of memories and lovely words from their classmates to treasure for a lifetime. Next, they were asked to write 10 positive things about their teachers.

After this the students were encapsulated by a heart touching story about Rashmi who had almost burnt herself to save her daughter, dealt with the death of her husband, endured dire circumstances of life, and brought up her child alone. The story plucked at the very strings of all hearts. After this, the students were asked to write a thank you letter to their parents which left many emotional as happiness, sacrifice and exemplary actions of their parents crowded their minds!

The session proved to be a classic way to awaken and engrave gratitude in the hearts of all. It was a session wherein the students recalled with joy their journey through school; their dependence on the Management, Staff, and peers; and their gratitude to all that mattered most in their young lives.


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