A Visit to Places of Inter-Religious Faith

There is only one river…

“There is only one river. There is only one sea. And it flows through you, and it flows through me. There is only one people. We are one and the same. We are all one spirit. We are all one name.”
Peter Yarrow

Religious education and practices serve their main purpose to achieve the goals of the salvation of oneself and others and to render due worship and obedience to God.

The SJBHS family is a large and diverse one which always welcomes students of different faiths. Inter Religious Faith helps one to learn to respect all religions.

The students of classes 5-11 along with their teachers, and the Primary School Administrator, Fr Vishal D’Souza made their visit to six places of different faiths, on 26 November 2022.

The visit was organised by the Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes along with Fr Vishal D’Souza, who took the initiative and spearheaded the entire event with the intent to encourage the students to imbibe the different religious systems and provide individuals with an integrated set of beliefs, goals, and meanings, and to reaffirm what we cannot forget – our cultures and religious differences are opportunities for us to learn from one another and broaden our perspectives. We cannot let faith divide us just because we follow different paths to one God. We have a divine purpose to love one another, be compassionate to all and serve mankind.

Students loved this enriching experience and expressed their gratitude to the management for organizing such an enlightening visit.

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