Webinar on ‘Insight into Learning Difficulties’

5 February 2021

“Stigma, underachievement and misunderstanding of Learning Difficulties continue to be stubborn barriers for parents and children to overcome. If Learning Difficulties are left unaddressed, millions of individuals risk being left behind, burdened by low self-esteem, subjected to low expectations, and diminished in their ability to pursue their dreams.”

The current education system has not only seen many progressive changes in pedagogy and techniques but also a significant increase in identification of children with learning difficulties. Schooling in present times must encompass and celebrate the individual differences and unique strengths and limitations of each child.

Keeping this in mind, our dedicated team of special educators from the Resource Room ‘Pragati’ organized a webinar on ‘Insight into learning difficulties’ on 5 February 2021. The keynote speaker, Ms. Padmavathi MD shared her thoughts and experiences on various aspects that children with learning difficulties go through and the right procedures to bridge the learning gaps. The webinar provided valuable insights into identification and management of children with learning difficulties for parents, educators and others who are associated with the field of education.

Social stigma or labelling associated with learning difficulties is the main cause for parents not receiving the right intervention for their child. By understanding more about learning difficulties, one may be able to accept the reality to cope with and battle the stigma associated with it. The webinar demystified many such notions and encouraged the viewers to seek support services for children with Learning Difficulties.

Special educators at Pragati continue to facilitate this group of children and strongly believe and live by the motto that - Progress cannot be measured on paper.

If a child cannot learn the way we teach, we should learn to teach the way the child can learn.
Webinar Link: https://youtu.be/0H2q59PF2R4

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