Infinity 2023

The SJBHS Middle School Science, Math and Tech Fest, Infinity 2023 was held on 8 th November 2023.

At a time when our ecosystems are suffocating, the food chain getting poisoned and the entire planet choking on plastic, the theme chosen for this year was “Unplastic India”. The theme was chosen keeping in mind the need to sensitise our students about the adverse environmental impact of plastic wastes and the challenges related to plastic waste management.

Science Fest @ INFINITY 2023
The students of Classes V and VI exhibited their indigenous ideas and participated enthusiastically to bring forth their youthful take on the concept, through static and intricate working models, on the various aspects of plastic waste management.

The prototypes, models and charts focussed on adverse environmental impacts of plastic, promotion of recycling of plastic wastes, plastic waste reduction techniques, sustainable production practices, and the development of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.

Infinity 2023 was a grand success as it created an avenue to channel the talents of the students of Class V and VI, allowed them to think out-of-the-box and more importantly educated them with their responsibilities towards the environment which sustains us all. The staff and students took a pledge to avoid single use plastic and follow the 8 R’s – Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Re-gift, Recover and Reuse.

The message through Infinity 2023 was loud and clear – “The only way out of this plastic menace is to use less and recycle more.”

Technology Fest @ INFINITY 2023
Students of standards 5 and 6 showcased exceptional creativity and out-of-the-box designs as they displayed their ideas on how to 'Unplastic India'.

The technology displays included 3D models of Chandrayan 3, charts on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and futuristic concepts. Miniature models of smart cities, homes and even innovative construction materials and methods to resurface roads using plastic, were exhibited as suggestions to re-use plastic.

The students and staff pledged to be ambassadors of change in protecting and conserving Earth's natural resources.

The computer and technology models were well-organized and informative, it was a great opportunity for students to learn about communication and information technology. Students gave their best and a lot of talent was on display at the Infinity Fest.

Math Fest @ INFINITY 2023
The students of Std V and VI exhibited their creative ideas and participated enthusiastically in the Infinity Fest. It showcased concepts on numbers, fractions, symmetry, Algebra & Geometry. The students challenged the best Mathematical minds and the tricks amazed the judges, teachers, and students. One would find it hard to imagine that the middle school students could churn out such new age concepts. Parents and teachers of the students were involved in the conception, guidance, and presentation of the models.

The Science, Math and Tech Fest INFINITY 2023 showcased innovative thinking; well balanced topics of the times; and creativity that is much needed according to the new order of NEP 2020.

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