Guest Lecture Series

Loyola Technology Centre (LTC)

To promote the activities of the LTC and its functioning, the centre’s resource personnel have lined up a series of guest lectures. The first guest lecture had, as its speaker, Dr Sujatha Ramdorai, amathematics researcher, who served as a member of the National Knowledge Commission and was a member of the Prime Minister's Scientific Advisory Council. The topic dealt with was called ‘The Joy of Math’ and it was aimed at students and parents who were either afraid of numbers or too fascinated with the world of Math.

The event commenced at 10.30 am on 13 August 2022, at St Joseph’s Boys High School auditorium. There were around 53 participants, including teachers, parents and students. The event started with a prayer followed by the welcome address and introduction of the speaker Dr Sujatha Ramdorai.

The guest speaker introduced the topic of math by quoting Galileo and Plato, making the audience aware that mathematics is as old as the earth itself. She went on to relate math with real life by givingvarious examples. She spoke about math in concept of math modelling designing and simulation. She made the audience know about the intel Pentium chip story and how the error was discovered by a Mathematician.

The workshop concluded with a visit to the LTC-STEM lab where students and teachers got an opportunity to interact with the speaker and other teachers who had visited the place.
The workshop had ended but the thinking had just begun. The teachers, parents and students knew that now was the opportunity to traverse through the boundaries of imagination, space and time and venture into the realm of some out-of–the–box thoughts and ideas, in a place connected with school and yet away from the classroom – a place called the LTC Lab!

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