Fun Day


Transportation is like the heart of the world that connects people across boundaries. Our economic growth is highly dependent on an efficient transport system. When it goes well, we don’t see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colours our day and curtails our possibilities.

The motive of this fun day was to introduce road safety and make our students understand the different modes and importance of a good transport system in our daily lives.

The teachers taught the little ones in a play way method through themed fun workshops conducted on 18th 20th and 21st of Jan 2021:
• 18/01/2021 Water transport
Row your boat- rocking ship craft-
Students were introduced to different modes of water transport and taught to make an origami rocking ship.

• 20/01/2021 Land transport
Folding is fun - Kids favourite origami car making where they were introduced to different modes of water transport and their importance.

• 21/01/2021 Air transport
Let’s fly – Paper folding a hot air balloon where the boys were introduced to different modes of air transport.

Students were asked to collect pictures of different vehicles and make a chart to differentiate between land, water and air transport.

The fun days were thoroughly enjoyed by the little ones and the teachers enjoyed as much putting this up for them.