Fire Prevention Training

Fire Safety Prevention

Six staff members from St. Joseph's Boys' High School attended a basic training in the fire prevention and firefighting at the R.A. Mundkur Fire and Emergency Services Academy from November 16 to November 17, 2023.

The primary objective of the training was to equip the participants with essential knowledge and skills related to fire prevention and firefighting. The program aimed to enhance the participants' understanding of fire safety protocols, emergency response procedures, and practical firefighting techniques.

The training was attended by six staff members from St. Joseph's Boys' High School. The participants included Ms. Dheeksha Peters, Ms. Sudha B R, Ms. Bijitha M T, Mr. Vijay A J, Mr. Dileep K and Mr. Fabian White

The program began with comprehensive theoretical sessions covering topics such as fire behavior, types of fires, fire prevention strategies, and emergency evacuation procedures. The instructors provided in-depth insights into the science of fire and the importance of early detection and prevention.

The training included hands-on practical exercises where participants were exposed to various firefighting equipment and techniques. They had the opportunity to use fire extinguishers and other firefighting tools under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Simulations of real-life emergency scenarios were conducted to assess the participants' ability to respond effectively to fire incidents. This practical aspect of the training helped in reinforcing the theoretical knowledge gained during the sessions.

The training also focused on enhancing teamwork as effective collaboration and coordination are crucial during emergency situations, and various team-building activities were incorporated to strengthen these skills. The knowledge and skills acquired during this program will contribute significantly to the overall safety and preparedness of the school community.

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