Felicitation of the retiring staff members

At SJBHS, the staff are highly valued for their commitment, dedication and perseverance. Many join the institution as their first call of duty and retire in the same place, having experienced the safety and security in the love received from their students, the camaraderie of their colleagues and the richness of the Jesuit ethos. Four such stalwarts, were honoured on 30 March 2023, on their superannuation.

1) Mr. Shivaprakash Honnasettar, having served for 39 long years, was known for his focusing techniques, fair play and dedication on the games field. His students, past and present, remember his club-swinging skills, his words of advice and the long hours of practice with the students.

2) Mr. Brian Anthony McKertish, having served for 28 years, was known to be strict yet just, having a great sense of humour and for his excellent oratory skills. As a Vice Principal, in his current line of duty, he is known to make a positive difference. The students cherish him for his deep spirituality and his endeavor to walk-the-talk. 3) Ms. Veena Pinto, having served for 21 years, was known fondly as a mentor to her younger colleagues and a strict observer of the Jesuit principles. She always professed that teaching made her a learner for life.

4) Ms. Gowri Mirlay Achanta, having served for 31 years, was know for her innovation, creativity and her multifaceted teaching techniques. Her students, past and present, remember and recall her dynamic presentations of history as a subject.

Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, Principal of SJBHS, put on record the contributions of the four jewels who have reached superannuation. They were each honoured in front of the staff and received huge rounds of applause, as they are all so dearly respected in the school environs. The legacy they have carved will be cherished for a long time to come.

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