Felicitation Ceremony for Retired Staff

Thank you Chers and Sirs!

Mrs. Virginia Mariappa, Mrs. Hazel Barneto, Mr. Amanullah Khan, Mr. Chinappa, Mrs. Rebecca Thomas, Mrs. Ranjana Monappa and Mrs. Sheefa Mathews are seven shining stars who are seven outstanding teachers and in the eyes of SJBHS are recognized as seven wonderful human beings! As they reach the age of retirement, the management felicitated these seven stars in a public forum on 7 April 2022.

The felicitation was a part of the staff meeting. The retiring teachers were called upon to take centrestage and were adorned with a shawl signifying veneration, a peta as a symbol of cultural antecedence and heritage, a garland being the symbol of distinguished service, a sapling as a mark of life filled with good fortune, a box of dry fruit as a sign of abundance and a memento as a cherished reminder of SJBHS.

Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ; the Vice Principal, Mr. Uday Kumar; and the Primary school Administrator, Fr Vishal D’Souza SJ felicitated the seven staff members. The retiring teachers, in their reply, said they were overwhelmed with gratitude and sadness yet happy with the memories that they had gathered as they journeyed through SJBHS.

Fr Principal put on record the dedication, hard work and empathy shown by these teachers during their tenure in the school, embellishing the beaty of the institution with their graceful presence. Fr Sunil wished for each of the retiring staff a life filled with happiness, a future steeped in good health and a lifetime abundant in good fortune. Fr asked the retired staff to be brand ambassadors of SJBHS and carry forth the legacy of Faith and Toil.

The retirement ceremony ended on a note of promise that the teachers would keep in touch with the school and enjoy their retirement.