Bidding Goodbye

Farewell Assembly

In the year of the pandemic, the final year at school for the students of Class 10 and 12 was one of online teaching and learning. But on March 10, 2021, the management allowed students to take their final bow on stage through their farewell assembly.
The assembly began with the unfurling of the school flag and the singing of the school song. The prayer that followed was a heartfelt appeal for blessings from the Almighty and an entreaty that the students would forever remember the values learnt at SJBHS. The invocation hymn resonated the intentions of the prayer.
Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, said that in spite of the setbacks of the year, the students must remember a few life lessons: take nothing should be taken for granted, cherish everything whether it is relationships or material goods, be ever grateful, every cloud has a silver lining, seize obstacles and convert them into opportunities and last but not the least, values that have become a part of the Josephites’ persona should hold each one in good stead while moving onwards in their life journey always with the spirit of Fide et Labore!
The Principal also gave the students 8 C’s to remember – Compassion, commitment, confidence, conscience, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration along with care and concern.
The outgoing batch of Class 10 and 12 sang, danced, recalled their years at SJBHS through speeches and skits, vocals and instrumental music. The underlying sadness was clear but there was a promise that they would keep returning to 27, Museum Road – their home, their happiness and their safe haven!