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Learning is a continuous journey

The pandemic may have brought its own share of challenges and a fair amount of drawbacks but at SJBHS the learning and teaching continues. As part of the ongoing faculty development programme, the management at SJBHS co-ordinated a refresher course in understanding the various developmental stages of the child by an expert in the field, Dr Debmita Dutta who is a practicing doctor, parenting consultant, and the founder of WPA whatparentsask.com. She has conducted several workshops on parenting for schools and corporate organisations. She is renowned for her empathetic approach towards the application of brain science to parenting. She has also written many books on parenting.

it was a week-long, one hour per day session conducted through online.
The topic of the session was ‘Facilitating Learning in an early Learner’

The agenda of the session was as follows:
Day 1[5th April 2021]: The ‘under construction’ Brain
Day 2[7th April 2021]: How Children Learn
Day 3[19th April2021]: Understanding Multiple Intelligence
Day 4[20th April 2021]: Social skills and its role in learning
Day 5 [21th April2021]: Memory and its role in learning
Day 6[22nd April2021]: Role of Language in learning
Day 7[23rd April2021]: Interactions/ Q&A

The session started with the explanation on how the child’s brain is different from that of an adult. It is through experience and discovery that learning takes place in the best way. Learning is a continuous journey of building the brain. The second session focussed on how important it is to build the sense organs. Playing games, storytelling, and jigsaw puzzles was also stressed upon in order to re-iterate information. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence was explained in detail. The different ways to enhance different intelligences was also highlighted upon for e.g., storytelling and rhymes to enhance spatial and kinaesthetic Intelligence, Crosswords for verbal linguistic intelligence etc. The topic on social skills focussed on the importance of the home. The four pillars of social skills were touched upon namely - Sensory Processing, Communication, Executive Function and Play. Apart from building social skills, the ways to build memory and attention was also emphasized followed by the importance of language to convey our thoughts, for problem solving, to regulate emotions and to self-talk.
The week long programme brought to focus the goals of the institution: ‘Cura Personalis’ – the all-round development of a Josephite.

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