People who help us

Fun Day

Different people do different jobs. Some provide a direct service – such people are called community helpers. Some of the community helpers are: plumber, gardener, teacher, doctor, postman, farmer and many others. The junior Josephites know about community helpers, though their knowledge comprises of those who help them individually. In order to give the students a broader perspective, this topic was chosen as the theme for the FUN DAY.

A few students of LKG and UKG came dressed as doctors, teachers, policemen, farmers and support staff (housekeeping personnel). The role of each helper was highlighted. The teacher teaches children new things. The policeman is always there to help and to protect.The doctor is there when we are sick and gives us medicine to make us feel better. The farmer works hard to grow fruit, vegetables and crops for us. It was indeed a ‘role-play’ method of simplifying the lesson to be taught.

The children were happy to be dressed and to pretend to be adults. As each role was enacted, the students learnt to appreciate the work done by the community helpers. They learnt that no job is less important and that there is dignity in labour and it is their job to be helpful whenever they can to contribute their helping hand at home and at school.

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