Eucranium 2022

Fostering a Quest for Knowledge

‘The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.’
Edward Teller

From birth to death every human being is a scientist - asking, enquiring and brain storming to unearth the secrets of the Universe. However, the spirit of enquiry, critical thinking and creative analysis can be refined and sophisticated with practice. The science department of SJBHS aimed to excavate hidden creativity and foster the quest for knowledge through Eucranium –The Intra-School Science Fest.

The recently concluded edition had a host of events to enable the students to bring out the best in their scientific exploration.

The events, ranging from treasure hunts with cryptic clues to virtual escape rooms and from debates to model making, were launched for the participants. The dynamics of science, technology and mathematics was explored, irrespective of the syllabus taught in class.

Students came face to face with the forces at work in space, the art of crises management and were also introduced to the beautiful world of creativity. Psychology and forensic science were at play and went hand in hand with the sales pitch of the product launch! Every aspect of science was delved into and the contestants of the high school were challenged for three days from the 28-30 of November 2022.

The formal ceremony held in the auditorium on 30 November saw four eminent speakers take centre stage. The panel discussion exposed the students to the world of Physics brought to them by Dr Mohiudeen Azhar, the world of Mathematics according to Ms. Jaspreet Sethi, the world of Biotechnology as told to them by Mr. Aravintha Kumar and the intricacies of drug designing for medical cure according to Dr Kiran Bettadpur. The students were awe struck as the four scientists narrated their experiences in their chosen field of work.

Our Principal Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, in his message, urged the students to use their scientific skills, rationale and the powers of observation and logical thinking as well as ethical discernment to see the irrational views of society, to bring about social transformation and growth of humanity as part of the larger objective of Science.

The three-day science fest concluded with the Prize Distribution Ceremony. The students’ curiosity and enthusiasm had been channelled into knowledge that would form the basis of a greater quest for more challenging thoughts, diverse and divergent thinking and innovation as the key to solve future problems of a rapidly changing world!

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