Science Fest

Eucranium 2019

The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow
Edward Teller
Science encompasses every waking moment of the day and governs every sleeping hour. To celebrate creativity and encourage young minds to question, the 2nd edition of Eucranium – our high school science fest was held on the 8th of November, 2019. Over 600 students auditioned for events ranging from quizzing and model making to debating and treasure hunt. Cryptic clues were cracked and tough quiz questions were de-coded.

Our Principal, Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ welcomed the gathering and urged the participants to use rational thought processes and logical reasoning generated through science to counteract the ills of irrational bias, regressive thinking and the negative influences of society. Students should be agents of change to use sustainable sources of energy, clean air, clean food and clean water resources. They have to be young innovators to make a difference.

The speakers on the dais were Dr Rupa Nair, PhD in Biotechnology specialized in Entomology; Dr Madhavan Varadarajan, Theoretical Physicist; and Mr Jyotinath Ganguly, Director of Capgemini. Dr Rupa spoke about the green revolution in agriculture through judicious use of artificial intelligence and information technology. Data Analysis is also a smart way to get solutions to the problems at hand. Dr Madhavan urged the Josephites to always ask questions and deduce the answers honestly. Mr. Ganguly enlightened the students on cyber security and the use and misuse of data. The floor was then thrown open to questions by the eager participants.

It was a laudable effort by the students of Std 9 who along with their Science and Math teachers, had organized and managed the show.

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