Constitution Day 2023

Believe in Your Strength, Not Fate!

In honour of Constitution Day, the students and teachers of St Joseph's Boys’ High School successfully conducted an exemplary programme highlighting the significance of the Constitution and the ideals of its chief architect, Dr B R Ambedkar.

The programme hosted an assortment of shows, ranging from songs to skits. The purpose of the celebration was to promote constitutional values among the young citizens of the nation, spread the importance of the constitution and to spread the thoughts and ideas of the Father of the Constitution of India, Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

After the introduction and prayer, the students of LKG and UKG gave a beautiful insight into the life of Dr Ambedkar. This was followed by a well-scripted skit portraying the incidents in the life of Dr Ambedkar that transformed him into a visionary. The skit demonstrating his fight against untouchability, social discrimination, and inequality It also highlighted his character of being extremely pugnacious, resourceful, and fearless.

This was followed by an exemplary poetic recitation and a special Kannada song ‘Mahanayaka Bhim Rao.’ The marvellous melody was truly sublime. This was followed by a short film on our Constitution titled- ‘The Core of Our Nation’, by the students of ISC. This video took the audience through a journey of how our Constitution has played an important role in developing and sustaining modern society, and how we as citizens can contribute further to maintain societal stability.

An NCC cadet shared a few words about NCC day and enlightened the students about the importance of living a disciplined life. The short but profound programme was a grand success, brilliantly showcasing how you must not believe in fate, but rather believe in your strength.

Aadhya Anand Harugeri
12 A

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