Christmas 2022

It’s Celebrations at SJBHS!

The chill in the air, the joyous feeling, the holiday spirit and the excitement and anticipation of the birth of the new born babe, Jesus Christ, all herald the festival of Christmas. Come December and the school façade is dressed in twinkling lights, the crib construction gets underway and the Christmas tree stands tall in the premises.The classrooms are decorated with the colours of Christmas and the spirit of sharing, giving and spreading cheer is manifested in the environs of the school campus.

The celebrations, on the last working day before the holidays, commenced with a special assembly. After the hoisting of the school flag, the singing of the school anthem and the prayer song, the Principal Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ addressed the students. In his message, Father enumerated the various ways in which the students had contributed their time, resources and talents towards activities related to helping the poor, the neglected, the underprivileged and the destitute. Fr Sunil reiterated that every day was Christmas. Father wished the staff and students for the season ahead.

In the beautifully decorated classrooms, the students of the different classes had competitions on the Christmas theme. The carol singers went around wishing the students. However, all eyes were on Santa Claus as he wished the students, distributed chocolates and spread the festive cheer.

The students went home happy not only due to the festivities at school but also because of the commencement of the holidays! The teachers stayed back to enjoy their special Christmas programme in the auditorium and the fellowship lunch that followed – all in the spirit of Christmas, and the happiness of being part of the Josephite family!

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