Investiture Ceremony 2022

Captaining a New Year

‘Democracy is not a form of government, but a form of social organization.’
Dr B R Ambedkar

The St Joseph’s Boys’ High School cabinet is a reflection of the principles of democratic governance, equality, free and fair elections and overall leadership, working for the glory and honour of the institution. In spite of the pandemic, the Captains and Vice Captains of SJBHS were elected, after the usual process of filing of nominations, being interviewed and securing the required votes. On 16 March 2022, the day of the investiture, the excitement was palpable as the worthy candidates were now the elected leaders, having won the confidence of the Principal, the teachers and their peers. The master of ceremonies, Mr Uday Kumar, Vice Principal of SJBHS, welcomed our Principal Rev Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ onto the dais. Fr Principal was escorted by the newly elected Captains and Vice Captains bearing the flags of the four houses. They were greeted with thunderous applause from the staff and students and a proud salute from their parents and grandparents, who were the special attendees for the day.

The solemn service began with the school flag being hoisted. The school song, the prayer song and a sincere prayer befitting the occasion followed.

The office bearers were introduced and the Principal administered the oath and commissioned them. The individual oath taking ceremony and the handing over of the badge of office was a serious and sombre ritual that adhered to school tradition.

The Captains thanked the electorate, promised to uphold the qualities of true leaders and gracefully bear the onus of leadership with honesty and courage. One more investiture ceremony saw one more set of ordinary students rise to the level of leadership, ever ready to understand the optics of future citizentry.

  • Siddhanth Naik
  • Sudeep Xavier Roche
    Vice Captain
  • Vaibhav M
  • Nathanael Savio N
    Vice Captain
  • Siddharth M Kothari
  • Ashlin Antony
    Vice Captain
  • Pranit Anthony Braganza
  • Aaron Philip Solomon
    Vice Captain

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