Learning the Ropes of Commerce


BIFROST is held to improve and stimulate a student's corporate skills and to provide them with an opportunity to explore the principles of commerce. This year 'Underground Economy' was the theme of the fest and 15 different events explored the functioning of the underground economy - now a major part of the global commerce structure.

This year's BIFROST offered a simulation of the corporate sector to its participants through the three flagship events - Simulation, Ragnarok and Law. Simulation was a fresh concept in the current commerce fest circuit, whereby the participants had to put to test their corporate skills in order to climb the corporate ladder and were required to display their capabilities in all commerce related activities. Ragnarok, an event introduced in this edition of Bifrost, tested the participants’ aptitude in solving the problems that come their way. Law, another debut event simulated the growing relevance and importance of law in the corporate sector. A beautifully presented trailer set the mood for the events to follow. Besides the three neo-events, the competitive events included Best Manager, Public relations, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Business Quiz, Crises Management, Product launch and Brand Makeover. With 39 schools participating and a footfall of 680 participants, the fest which took fledgling steps in the year of inception has risen to greater heights of glory.

The chief guest for the opening ceremony was Mr Irfan Razack, Old Boy (Batch of 1968) and Chairman and MD of the Prestige Group. He gave a thought provoking speech, encouraging participants to grab opportunities when given to them. He used the analogy of the ‘Tea Bag’ in order to teach a number of life skills.

The award ceremony and the closing were presided over by Prof M V Rajeev Gowda, Old Boy (Batch of 1978), politician, academician, MP in the Rajya Sabha and national spokesperson for the Indian National Congress. He reminisced about his life as a student at SJBHS and motivated students to know the value of self-worth and hard work.

In Norse mythology Bifrost, , refers to the rainbow bridge that serves as the nexus between Asgard and the other realms of the Universe. Using the same equivalence, SJBHS believes in networking to reach the pinnacle in commerce practices from a basic school level.
Ronith Chaterjee
Std 12

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