Bangalore Cyber Security Awareness Initiative at SJBHS

18 July 2020

Resource Persons-
Mrs Shyamala Ramananda (coordinator)
Shri Sanjay Sahay (Ex-IPS)
Mr Divyanshu Verma (Senior Manager, INTEL)
Dr Suchitra Nair (Faculty Member, Jain University)
Dr Rojo Shalom George (Clinical Psychologist, NIMHANS)

‘This is not the new normal - this is the normal!’, said the erudite Ex-IPS officer Shri Sanjay Sahay as he and his team counselled, enlightened and interacted with the students of classes IX, X, XII, their parents and teachers on a virtual digital platform. He stressed on creativity and innovation as the hallmark of the multimedia mode of today’s world and caution the participants on the digital footprint created by their online activity.

Dr Divyanshu Verma , brought his INTEL expertise to ground level as he outlined the do’s and don’ts of internet/app/social media usage. He was instrumental in bringing awareness about hackers and crackers being omnipresent on the virtual platforms.

Dr Suchitra Nair brought to the fore the perils of geotagging, excessive celebrity influences, indulging in online challenges and be-friending unknown entities. She made the students understand the limitations of ‘How much is too much’.

Dr Rojo Shalom George dealt with the 4 D’s of social media addiction - Delay, Distract, Deep-breath and Drink water. He insisted on digital fasting as a sure prevention against succumbing to social comparisons, social currency and online harassment.

Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, Principal of SJBHS, at the very onset had asked the participants to listen carefully to the speakers at the webinar so as to be abreast with online etiquette as well as be super savvy while treading through the digital maze. Needless to say, his advice was well taken as each one knew that the information attained at the webinar would resound many times in this radically different cyber world of today!

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