Avani ’23 Special Assembly

Care for Our Common Home

Climate change, Global warming or the principles of re-use, re-cycle, repair and reduce have been making headlines for decades. These, along with pollution and industrialization, have been the highlight of all world summits and global conferences. Yet, the problems are compounded with over population, imbalance of wealth and a multitude of ideologies that inhabit Mother Earth. To strike a balance would be the key to the very existence of life. This ‘mantra’ can be imbibed in the young as they are impressionable and care little or nothing for material gains and superpower status.
At SJBHS, the management believes that the students could be taught to be the custodians of a land where the seventeen sustainable development goals (SDG’s) are at the fore front; where natural resources are treated with reverence; and where humans realize that they are only temporary pilgrims.
A Special Assembly was held on September 7, 2023, and commenced with a prayer and prayer song. The crucial problems that plague the world today, the vision and objectives of AVANI ’23 and the vision statement of the SDG’s were highlighted by the green ambassadors of the school. A skit, by the students, aptly depicted the ecological problems of this day and age and suggested remedies for a sustainable, just and equitable future. The student body then enlisted the activities planned by AVANI in the near future. This included field trips, conferences and debates. A series of interactions with the support staff was also on the agenda.

After the special assembly, the green ambassadors went to each and every class on campus. They ran a video of the Do’s and Don’ts of classroom cleanliness, use of the water taps and the correct way to dispose pencil shavings and the like. They asked a few questions and suggested means to care for our Earth. Students took a pledge to protect our world, the tapestry of life. They all believed and re-iterated what Jonathan Schell has rightly said: ‘Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin!’

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