Staff Orientation

Teachers Become the Taught!

The very purpose of an orientation is to find one’s direction. After the summer holidays, a period of rest and recreation, the teachers were eager to go back to school but the transition from holidays to work just got easier with the ‘Staff Orientation’ organized by the Management on the 30th and 31st of May, 2019 at Faber Hall in the St. Joseph’s College of Management.

The first day’s programme resource persons for the morning of 30th May, 2019 were Dr. Anup Krishnamurthy, Old Boy with a list of distinctions besides being an alumnus of IIM Bangalore; and Dr. Caren Rodrigues with an equally impressive educational portfolio as well as being an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. Dr. Anup spoke on Situational Management with a focus on the four quadrants (able, unable, willing and unwilling) to highlight how the staff could identify and connect with individual students in the class. Dr. Caren threw light on Social Media Distractions along with the principles and remedies to minimize ‘Continuous Partial Attention’.

The post noon session belonged to Dr. Vashisth Das, Old Boy / Cardiologist at Chinmaya Narayana Super Specialty Centre; and Dr. C. S. Rajan, Old Boy/ Senior Consultant Surgeon. While Dr. Vashisth spoke on surmounting life’s obstacles with the help of lessons he imbibed as a cardiologist, Dr. Rajan gave his very own C.S. perspectives through the ‘Tripod of Current School Practice’.

The Orientation continued on the 31st of May, 2019 with the resource person Mrs. Jaicy George, Soft Skills Coordinator who delved into ‘Teach to Lead’ as the theme for the day.

Through power point presentations, video clips, activities and talks; the two days of the Orientation flew by – the staff were challenged with neo-problems of Gen Next, the mentors became students for a couple of days and the teachers became the taught!

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