National Mathematics Day

Numbers day!

National Math Day held on December 22, commemorates the birth anniversary of the Indian mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan. I this 134th year of the mathematician’s birth, the Math Department of SJBHS recalls the myriad contributions of Ramanujan with a special spotlight on his number theory, infinite series and the fascinating formulae used to decipher the value of phi. This ‘Pride of India’ played with equations and identities but always professed that ‘an equation meant nothing to him unless it expressed a thought of God’.

The video aired on YouTube brought to the fore Ramanujan’s magic square, the beauty of the number 1729 and a number of fun facts about Math. Being a Jesuit Institution, the famous Jesuit Mathematicians and their immense contributions, were highlighted. On a lighter note, some witty Mathematical puns were also discussed.

Our Principal Fr Sunil Fernandes SJ, a mathematics teacher himself, advised the students on the vital role of Math in play as well as in life. Math, being logical and rational, is easy to understand but can be challenging. He urged the students to channelize their potential in the right direction so as to use this fascinating subject to contribute to society.

While some students threw light on the importance of Math in the world, others taught a few principles of Vedic Math. There were others who showed the application of the Kapsekar constant to demonstrate that Math is a mesmerizing mystery with Indians who have, who are and who will be contributing to the Mathematical pool of seer talent – but today, 22 December, belonged to Srinivasa Ramanujan!
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