St. Joseph's Boys' High School is proud to announce the sixth edition of its lauded and legendary Science and Technology fest, Transcendence 2022. This fest is the very epitome of what St.Joseph’s Boys’ High School has been representing for 164 glorious years—a pioneer in both academics and extracurricular activities, encapsulating versatility, spearheading in every direction possible, be it conceptual or competitive. And this year, we take it a notch higher by returning offline after a long hiatus. Bengaluru has a rich history of fests and Transcendence is certainly one that stands out. Participants are guaranteed to have an exuberant experience through all the enthralling events, that test both the brain and promise a lively, ecstatic time. This fest has no bounds, as there are events that makes you put on your thinking caps and take up your lab coats as well as put on your headphones and start gaming. No one is left out, not even the aspiring Sherlocks, Marie Curies and Christiane Amanpours. There is room for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Transcendence 2022 is the place to be!

23rd-24th June